Scrambled Eggs with lettuce on toast

Probably the biggest change in my life since becoming a mother is my diet.

Why didn’t anybody warn me about this?

Before I became a mother, I had pretty much all the time in the world to fantasize about food. I’d spend hours reading food blogs, watching food related videos/ talkshows/ reality shows/ dramas/ cooking series… you name it.

If I wanted to bake a triple chocolate cheesecake, I’d run out to get the ingredients and immediately start baking, devouring it the minute it comes out of the oven (wrong but so good!). If I was craving curry laksa, I’d drive out to my favourite hawker place to have some. It was pretty straight forward.

Motherhood changed everything. Eating and cooking became a huge challenge. I was no longer mobile, I was no longer spontaneous, I no longer had the luxury of time.

Beef wellington for a special occasion? No way. Maybe… one pan chicken stew instead. Even if it means mixing together all the ingredients (you happen to have in your fridge) that doesn’t work well together, who cares, as long as they are nutritious right?

Complicated and time consuming recipes such as lasagna, Vietnamese spring rolls, quiche, had to be crossed out. Everything had to be instant and fast. I had to eat to live.

Fast forward and the girl is 3, the boy is 1. I have a little bit more time. Hurray!

I still have dirty diapers to change, bottles to wash, toys to tidy up, clothes to fold… I don’t think it would be a wise idea to attempt that beef wellington just yet but I’m happily settling for something simple yet pretty, well balanced and most importantly, easy to wash up!

So what’s for lunch?  Scrambled eggs and lettuce on homemade bread, topped with a sprinkle of chia seeds. Perfect!


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