Those nasty ants


My little boy started to walk at 15 months. Every morning he would request for me to put on his shoes to take a walk in our garden. He is not very steady yet so he still relies on me to hold his hand and match his steps.

We converted this corner of our garden into a flower bed. We planted purple and red chillies, pink¬†chrysanthemums and two mini Christmas trees. The flowers and trees were adapting pretty well to our garden until the ants decided that they would make a nest in the same place. Other than the ticklish sight of them crawling all over our flower bed, I didn’t mind them too much until…

Until they bit me.

I was with Elliot watering the flowers when I felt some tingling sensation on my feet. It didn’t hurt so I didn’t bother looking down to check. Holding Elliot’s hand, making sure he doesn’t lose his balance, fall on his bum and stain his trousers was far more important at that time. The tingling continued and soon it started to itch. When I finally looked to check, there were hundreds (if not thousands!!!!) of ants crawling all over my left foot. It was a horrific sight, a nightmare!

Fast forward and I’m stuck at home with a swollen foot. It hurts now and it’s really itchy. Who knew their venom could be so potent.

I’m just glad Elliot was spared and I still love my flower bed.

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