Not your usual school bag

School holidays have begun here in Malaysia. I’ve turned off the morning alarm, the kids are sleeping late, we’re watching more TV, going to the playgrounds and it’s great.

Some mothers dread the holidays because the schools and enrichment classes (as we call it) are closed for the week, which also means that mothers are now stuck trying to figure out where to bring their kids so that these kids can do learning activities instead of rot at home with the TV.

Unlike most mothers, I LOVE the school holidays. It means I don’t have to stress out in the mornings getting my girl to wake up, and then dressed, fed, and into the car hopefully in time for school. For Erin, it means no education system, no school rules, no social stress, no performance expectations, no bland snacks. Weee!

We can all relax and enjoy being who we are and want to be for the day.

Recently a friend of mine asked if I could make a superheroes themed school bag for her son. Erin is pretty fuss free but most kids I know don’t like the idea of having the same bag as their friend, no matter how cool it is. It’s probably as bad as wearing the SAME prom dress as the girl from the next class, having the exact same car as your neighbour, the same prada bag as your colleague.

I got it. So I made him one.

It’s a Marvel themed canvas fabric which has got a good weight to it. I love canvas because its durable and washable if necessary. I added thick interfacing to the bag to give it a good structure. Instead of a magnetic clasp or zip for the opening I went with a flap and clip buckle because I thought a boy would think it’s cooler. For the size, it’s spacious enough for a water bottle, snack box and some A4 size books. His mom didn’t want any outer pockets which I agreed. We kept it simple.

I really like how it turned out. It’s definitely unique as there’s only one of it in the whole wide world. I hope he likes it too and feels like a superhero every day as he goes to school.

From you, for you, BAGIMU.

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